• Mega-cash works with the Barcode system
  • Make easily and quickly Sales receipts
  • Stock inventory management
  • Sales invoices / credit notes
  • Sales and purchase orders
  • Daily reports & statistics
  • Customer loyalty cards


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Save time by faster checkout and reduce theft !

MEGA-CASH is to increase your profits as well as the productivity of your business thanks to a modern electronic cash register
MEGA-CASH is to take the lead over your competitors. Thanks to this fast tool, you will be better equipped to manage your shop, to control your stocks and to increase your turnover by reducing errors and the possibility of theft.
MEGA-CASH functions in line with the barcode system which eliminates the possibility of errors in the manual introduction of prices or items’ numbers. Thanks to its precision, a lot of time will be saved at the checkout which will allow you to offer your customers an all-round better service.
MEGA-CASH has also a anti-theft system for your cash-. As all incoming and outgoing cash is recorded exactly in the system, the total amount of cash which should be in the cash-desk, is noted by the system at the end of each business day. You may, at any time, check your turnover, either by cash-desk or by individual cashiers (these options are password protected). Precise statistics calculated at the end of each working day will help you to better manage your business and be able to make more exact forecasts for your company.
MEGA-CASH is completely user-friendly and easy to use. Your own staff will be operational in less than a day, even if they do not have any previous experience using computers. Known for its simplicity, precision and rapidity,
MEGA-CASH is the vital tool that your shop requires. By installing such a computerised system on your premises, you will see how our software pays for itself by saving you time and money.


  • Instant receipts thanks to the bar code system and programmable keyboards.
  • Management of up to 10 cash-desks on a local network.
  • Purchase coupons and refunds for items’ returns.
  • Changing a receipt into an invoice upon customer’s request.
  • Management of customers details and membership cards.
  • Possibility of introducing reductions on specific items and certain items’ groups.
  • Easy items entry with 6 different sale prices, promotional price and price according to quantities.
  • Management of items with sizes for textile and shoes stores.
  • Stock management and inventory reports.
  • List of items to be ordered per supplier and automatic order forms.
  • Define different sales actions such as loyalty cards, points per purchased items or reductions for certain customers’ groups.
  • Possibility of credit sales and also to consult the debtors’ list.
  • Labelling module for shelf labels and for items without barcodes.
  • Daily turnover calculated globally or per cash-desk or per employee.
  • Detailed daily cash book including the total of each mode of payment.
  • Daily X, Y, Z reports On A4 or receipt paper.
  • Monthly turnover report for your accountant.
  • Possibility to use the programme with a touch-screen.
  • Special sales module for restaurants with tables management.
  • Central management module for multi-store chains : Control all the cash-desks and turnovers of your shops from the central office thanks to the centraliser. Import the daily sales from each shop and manage the items and their stocks from the central office.