• Table Management
  • Detailed Bills / Receipts
  • Detailed Statistic reports
  • Daily cash book / Turnover
  • Orders printing at the kitchen
  • Stock Management
  • Loyalty cards

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MEGA-Resto, is a computing system which functions with a touch screen.
You can manage better your establishment and offer a faster service to your customers.
You will be able increase your profits by reducing the errors in the bills (checks).

MEGA-Resto, will increase the profitability of your business thanks to this cutting-edge of technology.
You will have more control over your staff and you can avoid the theft with our software.

MEGA-Resto, makes it easy to make a table management and print a detailed bill (check) per table.
The waiter must first introduce his login and the number of table on the touchscreen.
Then it chooses a group of products and the ordered products.
When you press “OK” button, the order of drinks is printed at the bar and the meals are printed at the kitchen.
You can also enter the bewerage at the bar and manage the meals to take away….

MEGA-Resto, enables you at any time to check your turnover and the exact sum of the Cash that should be in the cash-drawer.
In few clicks, you can print the daily reports with the list of the sold items.

MEGA-Resto, is known for its simplicity and its speed.
It is very easy to use, so your staff will be operational in only few hours…