MEGA-WIN lets you easily make :

  • Sales invoices
  • Stock management
  • Enter new orders
  • Management of your Deliveries
  • CashBook Financial Accounts
  • Statistics on product sales
  • Purcase invoices and orders


pdfPrice list

Information on the various modules and files:

Part No (up to 15 digits), Description (70 digits) in 4 languages (French, Dutch, English and German).
Up to 20 sale prices per item, personal prices per customer, last purchase price, cost price, VAT, items category, multi-suppliers per item, barcodes… You can print listing per category, supplier or brand.
You might as well print price lists, barcode labels for items without a barcode…
company name, Client No (up to 15 digits), several billing addresses, up to 99 contact, customers group (for the statistics), currency, personalized prices, delivery sector (for the management of the routes), print language, limit of credit.
Search of a customer by his name, number, town or by its VAT No.
Automatic numeration, search for customers by the name or number.
Entry of a new customer from the invoices.
Warning when exceeding the credit limit, display customer information, General discount or per item, items search by description or its number or barcode.
Price come automatically to invoice according to the price – group of the customer.
You can see last price per item and per client.
Entry of quantities as pieces or as boxes , warning if the item is out-of-stock, documents can be printed in 4 languages.
Profit calculation per invoice. You can use a barcode scanner to enter your items more quickly.
It is possible to send an invoice by fax or e-mail (attached PDF file).
Same as invoices. As soon as you save an invoice or delivery note, stock quantities are updated immediately!
You may transfer a Delivery Note directly to a invoice, as well as several delivery notes into one invoice.
You can print a delivery note with or without prices and totals.
It is possible to select a different delivery address…
Same as the sale invoices but the items are returned in stock.
You can make compensation with one of the unpaid invoices of the customer…
The customer orders reserve the goods in stock.
You can enter the date or week of delivery.
You may transfer an order to a Delivery Note or directly to an invoice.
It is possible to copy an existing order into a new order…
Establishment of Estimate price quotation, Pro forma invoices.
You may transfer an offer to a order form or Delivery Note or directly to an invoice.
You can enter new suppliers with their addresses, phone no’s, fax no, e-mail address, etc…
Management of order purchases, invoices, credit notes.
The delivery notes and the purchase invoices update the quantities in stock immediately.
You can select a warehouse.
It is possible to make a new order form to a supplier and print it in 4 different languages.
Transfer any document to delivery note or purchase invoice.
Calculation of the costs per items by entering the different expenses such as transport, custom’s taxes).
Stock management up to 99 warehouses.
MEGA-WIN updates the stock quantities automatically while entry of an invoice or delivery note.
You can check the stocks of your items when you are selling goods.
Inventory Report per warehouse or point of sale ( FIFO method is used).
List of Items that need to be re-ordered.
You can check the stock history per item.
Consultation of the quantities ordered to suppliers and Quantities reserved by the customers.
Reporting of back-orders per item, per customer or delivery sector…
It is possible to print the list of deliveries to be carried out by sector and filtering by the delivery date.
Pick-up form for the warehouse manager.
General Price list or group of price, lists articles, lists of customers, lists of suppliers, lists of creditors, lists of debtors with the total sum due.
List of invoices established for a time period, lists of unpaid invoices , list of the delivery notes to be invoiced, open orders, etc…
Daily sales turnover, daily report of payments, monthly turnover per item or customer.
Turnover per sales person with its commissions.
Report of sales per item: sold quantities and amount of sales by product.
Statistics per items category. You can apply any period for of these reports…
The payments to the suppliers and from the customers are done directly in the invoices.
It is possible to enter a multi-invoice payment (with selection of the invoices that are paid) Client accounts: Each invoice that you type appears directly in the customer account.
You can consult anytime the debt of each customer, his turnover, and the gross profit.
The list of his invoices, C.N. and payments appear in his account.
It is possible to print reminders in several languages and on 3 levels.
These are the people who are not client yet. You can enter in this file the name of companies, contacts, products that are proposed to him, list of the mailing carried out.
You can change a prospect into a customer at the time of his first order.
MEGA-WIN can hold a financial accounting (kind of takings – expenses).
Manage your own Cashbook or bank accounts.
Automatic update of the Cashbook while entering the payment into the invoices.
You can add records directly in each financial account (such as expenses paid out in cash…). Print the cash book in the official format.
Report of financial profit per period…
This extra module will allow you to make your own declaration for intra-stat.
If you buy this module, you will have to enter the Intra-Stat number and net weight for each item.
According to your invoices, this program will calculate automatically the quantities and the amount that you have imported and exported from / to abroad.
These monthly declarations have to be made for the imported goods within the European community or exported inside the E.U.
You can send these reports electronically to Intra-Stat department.