The MEGA-HOTEL software from MEGA-Tech is the simplest and most efficient solution for managing all areas of your establishment.
The MEGA-Hotel software is at hand to help you manage your reservations and the billing of those reservations more efficiently. It is suitable for hotels, guestrooms, campsites, apartments and leisure parks etc.
The weekly reservation schedule is very simple and intuitive. You can access all functionalities of the programme in one single window.
With MEGA-Hotel you can manage reservations a year in advance with varying prices depending on the day. You can add tourist tax, customer drinks and any services you offer…
You can bill reservations with 1 click without adding any additional information. Your bills can be printed in many languages and contain your logo. If the customer does not need a bill, you can print a cash receipt on a thermal printer (no ink needed).
The software allows you to follow customer payments (10 payments per reservation) and to check customer accounts at any time.
There is an integrated email module allowing you to send marketing emails to your customers without having to use an external email system.
It can be used by several people in a network. Each user is responsible for his own till. A cash report can be printed at the end of the day.

MEGA-Hotel will give your clear and precise information on the situation of your hotel:

  • The weekly reservation schedule.
  • The list of free rooms per week.
  • The list of occupied rooms.
  • The list of check-ins per day.
  • The list of check-outs per day.
  • The list of products sold.
  • Reservation statistics over defined periods.
  • Financial report: Takings per payment type per day and per cashier.


With a single click you can display the details of a reservation and the information on your customer that you can save and use according to your needs.